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Unable to track hours

Pretty good app unfortunately it doesn’t let me view any of the features. The only thing I’m able to do is go to settings and log out that is it!.

App needs work

My job depends on this app to clock employees hours. App needs major work, lots of glitches and time not being accurately reported. As the previous comment said, the app works great most of the time and others....

Good. Has bugs

It works pretty well, but I cannot view summaries or one of my employees time cards... I have contacted them. They tell me it is on my end. I have an iPhone 6 with the newest OS and the newest app version...

Needs some help..

First off this is a pretty good app and it works good most of the time. There’s a few things that need to be thought through: first off why do you have to login every time you clock in and out? I know I can save my credentials but just make it so I can open the app and clock in or out. Secondly, it would be nice to see my elapsed time while still clocked in and thirdly can you please update for iPhone X? I don’t think you’ve update this design since Windows 95’ days (:

Great app, buuttt

I like the app. But i think its time for a change, upgrade. Iphone x optimized and IOS 11. Thank youu!!

So bad...

This app is so bad and choppy. I feel like a robot when I use it. Please update the app and make it more modern. Maybe include the ability to clock in automatically with location. That would make the app more valuable for your company and your customers.

Minimal app minimal functionality

It let's me punch in and out, which is good, but I can't look over and see my hours for the week. This means I have to manually record them, which defeats the purpose of the app.

Great app

Very happy with it so far, just started last week, it did work as it says

Needs to be more functional

Could be a great app but needs to be more functional like the website. I am unable to properly review, fix, and approve my employee's timecards. Looking forward to future updates.

Needs to show Time In & Out next to "Who's In"

Please show time in and time out next to Who's in. If someone signs in, show the time in and even after he/she signs out, show them on the "who's in" until 12:00am. (With both in & out time) So I will know "who was in" At what time and left at what time on the current day.

Helps a bunch...but

This is a great app, it works just like it says it will, but it would be great as an addition if the next version could provide at least a weekly history of when punched in and out, but otherwise great job!!!!

Works but needs...

Works as intended, but absolutely needs a badge icon to let you know when you are punched in and some widget support would also be nice.

No Time Card Details

I'm not able to pull up clock in/out times from past days on iPhone 6 Plus.


Can't use without the other program

Love this- great for events

I'm a Sr. sales rep and when I or my team attend outside the office events this app makes it so much easier!

So Far Not Good

Got the app... it's asking for a 5 digit password that the admin will give me... guess what? Im the admin... deleting the app...

Not Employee Friendly.

How can you make an app like this and not have a section where you can see the hours and days that you've worked? It's uncalled for and straight up laziness on your part for not including an incredibly simple, logical feature that everyone with this app should be able to see. If you used this, wouldn't you like to see a section in the app where you can view a log of your hours? Your program seems great for employers and their payroll systems but falls short in giving employees reaffirmation that their hours are correctly logged. Or should we, employees, just write the hours down on a piece of paper since you don't have the where with all to put a log in the app for employees to see? Riddle me those questions. Move to Palo Alto and learn how to make a proper app.

Small business owner

This app is great. I know who is clocked in at all times. I know who is late or who's early. The reports are clear and easy to read . I will refer my colleagues to uattend. The login information the other guy mentioned is easily found when you log in directly to their website using a PC or smart phone. I can appreciate the added security. Keep up the good work guys you just made a big part of my job a little easier.

Login? OK,sure. How?

Unusable since the app requires a login w/o providing an opportunity to register. Strangest thing I've seen in weeks.

Not working

Please don't waste your time.

Need to remember company ID

Takes to long to check in and out

App does not remember Company ID

Great improvements on these Update but need to remember company ID.

Works, but very limited

After a month of use, I find the basic functionality of this app works perfectly. That is, clocking in and out. But that's all you can do. At the very least, it needs a notes field, to notate when you clock in too late by accident. The website already supports this. I think this is a sign of lazy developers, because I see there hasn't been a version update in over a year. Other than that, please fill my iPhone 5 screen; I hate when apps are letterboxed. And it would be nice to see some new features, for example a nice way to view my current and past timesheets without going to Safari.

Field Employees

We can now track our employees in the field, and make sure they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. Exports to paychex, quickbooks, adp and a lot more! Price is on key. Punch in by phone, app, website or office device. Seriously this app has it all. Tim is very helpful don't waste time looking for another time management system. Scott - Andover MA

Bad first impression

Home screen login states to call into their call center due to an unexpected error. Maybe there should be a registration option aside the "company ID" login system.

Great App for Mobile Workforces

The UAttend App is great! Our employees are always on the go. The app makes time and attendance tracking simple, efficient and error free.

A huge help for my business!

Great app. We have been uAttend clients for several months now and having the ability to clock in without a physical clock is a great feature.


I highly recommend this product! It provided everything I needed for my company and more.

This a great application

I'm using this for my company and it works great. I highly recommend it. Very pleased with the user interface.

5 Stars!

We have used other time and attendance applications for our production company and nothing compares to uAttend. Ignore the rest! This app just works the way time tracking should.

Super simple

Long overdue, well developed!

Sweet App

Our construction company signed up with uAttend for the ability to use this app. Since finding uAttend we have added 1 biometric clock and 2 wifi clocks for our corporate office. We are very pleased with uAttend and their support!

Very Useful App!

Our company has 36 employees and this is an important piece of our time and attendance solution. With the GPS feature we can type in airports to be specific punching locations. Great App!

Nice system

We're a pretty small company, so we don't need a big robust system for tracking our employees. The fact that uattend has an iPhone app is icing on the cake. Our employees love using it and the geo tracking and lockdown is just purely amazing. We already threw our tired old timeclock in the garbage.. glad to see an attendance company embracing hip technology.

App not working for the next week...

I downloaded the app, signed up for the plan ($18/mo) but couldn't get the app to work. Contacted support and they said the app wouldn't be working for the next week. Just an fyi to anyone else out there - you can download it and start paying for the service now, but it won't work until (at least) early August.

Great App!

We don't use physical clocks, only this app and the webportal to view timecards. The app is simple and very easy to use, has gps location, hotspots and synchs online. Twice now I've contacted support and have gotten my issues fixed, even on the weekend. I've tried others, this is by far the best employee time keeping app out there!

Very cool.

Very cool app if your employer uses the uAttend system.

uAttend Does It Again

Another AMAZING product from uAttend. This app lets you punch in and out with EASE. Definitely a very handy app :)

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